About the Instructor

I am an inspired designer.;a powerful marketer.;a dedicated instructor.

My job is to help you become the best graphic designer you can be

Hi, my name is Chaya Murik and I started my career by publishing a coloring book when I was ten years old. We all start somewhere, right? Since then I have focused on building my career by studying design and marketing at the Manchester College of Arts and Technology and even achieved one of the top 5 marks in the UK. I recently finished my MBA with a Marketing concentration. I then went on to convince the staff at Oorah to give me a shot and I quickly rose to become a Senior Graphic Designer in their marketing department.
Nowadays I love to teach all aspects of graphic design. Coaching my students and making them the best designers they can be is my passion and many of them leave my courses and go on to create full designing careers of their own.
In addition to learning, teaching and eating copious amounts of watermelon and raspberry Jelly Bellies, I also design magazines, logos and other print media from my home studio.

My Skills and Expertise

My BA and MBA in marketing

gave me the tools I needed to excel in my work as an artist, with a flair for the business side of graphic design.

I work as a graphic designer

and I keep myself up to date in trends and techniques.

I have over 8 years of teaching experience

through which many of my students go on to have full careers of their own!