The Course.

Design with Confidence

Our goal here is to give you all the tools you need to design with confidence, and be thrilled with your work! Your job is essentially give the client what he needs, we will teach you to do that with an understanding of how to get the job done and how to do it with boldness.

Group Work

Studying in a group is an advantage that surpasses none: you have peers willing to compliment and criticize your work so that you can grow faster and better. Knowledge is pooled between yourselves and each helps the other out, you can rely on one another for help and information.

Individual Attention

At the same time, the groups are small enough that you will receive the utmost individual attention from your instructor, allowing one on one coaching to achieve your highest design potential.

Become a Master

Learn to rule all of the programs in a short three months.

All it Takes

Master the key points and important basics of design

Job Ready

Walk away with a starter portfolio and the tools to grow it further.

Individual Attention

Small class size ensures that you will get real one on one time with the instructor.