The Software

Discover the top Adobe design programs, Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator and use them to create and cultivate your unique style.

The Theory

Learn all of the design rules and behind the scenes ideas that make graphics so striking.

The Marketing

Every designer needs to know the business side, here you will learn how to promote yourself as an artist and pursue your career!

Learn Fast Learn Well

How This Course Will Get Me To Where I Want To Go?

Here at the Professional Standard Design School we take all the important basics of graphic design and fashion it into a course that will get you started in this creative field. We coach you through the classic Adobe programs, Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, and students walk away with an understanding on how to utilise each program on a fundamental level. With Chaya’s guidance, the students learn to research, plan and execute their design using all the tools available to them: online and off. We emphasise the importance of brainstorming, research and marketing, using these learning experiences to enable the students to become independent graphic artists. In addition to this, the students become familiar in marketing through print media, and how to navigate the world of graphic design.

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Our Students Clients;Employers

Who our students are working for.

Our students work for a wide variety of clients and employers, located all over the world! They each have their own unique sense of style which they cultivated during the course and now serves them well as they build their careers.

What Our Students Say

Take your first step in becoming a graphic designer.